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if i dont have you ark sz

everyday girl i will go and pray
that youll come back home
and dont take too long
cuz since youve been gone
everythings gone all dead wrong
i wish you were here
holding me near
you know id go
out of my mind
if you ever left
my heart behind
so im beggin you please
bring your sweet love back to me (please come back to me)

if i dont have you (dont have you)
to hold on to (to hold on to)
i cant go on
in this world alone
baby, its true (baby its true)
if i dont have you (if i dont have you)
if you said good-bye (you said good-bye)
girl i would die (girl i would die)
im a star with no light
a day with no night
if i dont have you

late at night
i reach to hold you tight
but youre not there(youre just not there baby)
i know you still care(i know you still care)
and oh, how i miss
your soft and love, lovely kiss
you give to me (to me)
so tenderly
will you still feel
that time will stand still
when i see you, baby you will
so hurry home
you know you make me just so


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