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dead kennedys, dead kennedys arklar, dead kennedys ark szleri
1.a child and his lawnmower511
2.a commercial403
3.a growing boy needs his lunch343
4.anarchy for sale1508
5.at my job435
6.bleed for me347
8.buzzbomb from pasadena417
9.california über alles343
10.california uber alles450
11.cesspools in eden365
12.chemical warfare424
13.chicken farm387
14.dead end452
15.dear abby390
16.do the slag417
17.dog bite630
18.drug me393
20.forest fire352
21.forward to death364
22.funland at the beach523
23.gone with my wind335
24.goons of hazzard390
25.government flu410
28.holiday in cambodia376
29.hop with the jet set368
30.hyperactive child387
31.i am the owl379
32.i fought the law and i won405
33.i kill children375
34.i spy481
35.ill in the head556
37.jock-o-rama invasion of the beef patrol394
38.kepone factory398
39.kill the poor365
40.kinky sex makes the world go round448
41.lets lynch the landlord650
42.life sentence379
43.macho insecurity404
44.moon over marin377
45.moral majority340
46.mtvget off the air444
47.nazi punks fuck off362
48.night of the living rednecks306
49.one-way ticket to pluto382
50.police truck415
51.pull my strings379
52.rambozo the clown361
54.religious vomit392
56.saturday night holocaust397
57.short songs625
59.soup is good food381
60.stars and stripes of corruption325
61.stealing peoples mail627
62.straight as543
63.take this job and shove it312
64.terminal preppie401
65.the great wall352
66.the man with the dogs340
67.the prey406
68.this could be anywhere this could be everywhere299
69.too drunk to fuck1059
70.triumph of the swill323
71.trust your mechanic359
72.viva las vegas429
73.well paid scientist369
74.weve got a bigger problem now475
75.when ya get drafted373
76.winnebago warrior637
77.your emotions392
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