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dont want you back ark sz

dont, dont want you back

you hit me faster than a shark attack
you saw my picture on the backstreets back, alright
and you were more than just a pretty face
but how you fooled me, im still amazed babe
but i should have known that i would be
another victim of your sexuality
but now were done and over with
dont, dont want you back

dont want you back
cuz youre no good for me, i know
thats all i can say
dont want you back
forgive my honesty but you gotta go
i dont want you back

you started going out with so-called friends
but i was blind and so i lost all common sense
but there were things that made me realize, realize
like all the hundred no, thousand lies

baby, dont bother telling me your reasons why
just let us sing this story bout you and i
dont want you back
thats all i know (dont want you back, dont want you back)
all i can say
dont want you back
you know you gotta go


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