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back to your heart ark sz

its not that i cant live without you
its just that i dont even want to try
every night i dream about you
ever since the day we said goodbye
if i wasnt such a fool
right now id be holding you
theres nothin that i wouldnt do
baby if i only knew

the words to say
the road to take
to find a way back to your heart
what can i do
to get to you
and find a way back to your heart

i dont know how it got so crazy
but ill do anything to set things right
cuz your love is so amazing
baby youre the best thing in my life
let me prove my love is real
and made you feel the way i feel
i promise i would give the world
if only you would tell me girl

give me one more chance, to give my love to you
cuz no one on this earth loves you like i do
tell me...

i turn back time
to make you mine
and find a way back to your heart
i beg and plead
fall to my knees
to find a way back to your heart


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