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dc talk, dc talk arklar, dc talk ark szleri
1.alas, my love [bonus track]376
2.between you and me375
3.can i get a witness366
5.children can live without it349
6.colored people419
7.consume me417
8.day by day410
11.final days391
12.fly like an eagle737
13.free at last337
14.gah ta be403
16.gospel clip684
18.he loves me344
19.he works364
22.i dont want it527
23.i luv rap music339
24.i wish wed all been ready431
25.in the light313
26.into jesus391
27.intro supernatural653
28.its killing me450
29.its the end of the world as we know it466
30.jesus freak336
31.jesus freak [gotee brothers freaked-out remix]408
32.jesus freak [reprise]346
33.jesus is just alright342
34.jesus is just alright [reprise]422
35.lean on me345
36.like it, love it, need it310
37.luv is a verb315
38.minds eye543
39.mrs morgan392
40.my deliverer374
41.my friend so long359
42.my will399
43.no more349
44.nu thang374
45.reason for the season342
46.red letters400
47.say the words367
48.since i met you327
49.so help me god366
50.socially acceptable360
51.spinnin round445
52.spirit in the sky631
54.take it to the lord335
55.talk it out340
57.that kinda girl353
58.the hardway375
59.the king allelujah402
60.the truth378
61.there is a treason at sea363
62.things of this world343
63.time is367
64.time ta jam364
65.two honks and a negro541
66.voices praise him416
68.wanna be loved336
70.we three kings392
71.what have we become373
72.what if i stumble373
73.when dc talks389
74.will power608
75.word the father340
76.yo ho ho375
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