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david lee murphy, david lee murphy arklar, david lee murphy ark szleri
1. years too late418
2.all lit up in love369
3.almost like being there383
4.born that way412
5.breakfast in birmingham384
6.bringin her back527
7.cant turn it off577
8.dust on the bottle385
9.every time i get around you394
10.fish aint bitin634
11.genuine rednecks419
12.gettin out the good stuff553
13.greatest show on earth392
14.high weeds and rust360
15.i could believe anything422
16.ive been a rebel and it dont pay512
17.just dont wait around til shes leavin560
18.just once407
19.kentucky girl376
20.mama n them640
21.out with a bang353
22.party crowd453
23.pirates cove456
24.she dont try to make me love her477
25.shes not mine564
26.shes really something to see542
27.thats behind me482
28.the road you leave behind448
29.velvet lies400
30.we cant all be angels554
31.why cant people just get along573
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