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killing time ark sz

the sound of gunfire goes through the night
the killing and hatreds a terrible sight
reports come in of a heavy attack
message recieved, were moving back

preparations are made for the journey back
hints on survival, supplies are packed
no more nights in this eternal hall
destination is simple, we move out

chorus :

killing time, your lifes on the line
killing time, your turn to kill
killing time, what dya say?
killing time, ah killing time

ingenuity needed to keep us alive
no time for cowardice, kill & survive
like a killer kid with a switchblade knife
nasty word, hell take your life

the silence is over the attack again
the killing & hatred, drive me insane
reports come in of a savage attack
message received, were moving back




menis wanking all over again
grab a dropcloth, or sheets will get stained
like a porno kid with a porno mag
message received, hes jerking off

chorus #2 :

killing time, under the sheets
killing time, your turn to spew
killing time, menis gay
killing time, ooooooohhhhh killing time


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