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damage case ark sz

hey babe dont act so scared
all i want is some special care
on the run from some institution
all i want is some constellation

and i can tell by his face
im a total disgrace
put me inside this place
move over for a damage case

hey baby wait a minute, stop
dont run away, dont call a cop
i aint lookin to victimize you
all i want to do is tantalize you

i can tell by your face
im all over this place
i can tell by your face
got no time for a damage case

no time baby!

hey babe dont turn away
im here tomorrow, gone today
i dont know what you think your game is
i dont care if you want your name is

and i can tell by this face
youre all over the place
i can tell by his face
move over for a damage case
get the fuck over man!

all right


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