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david byrne, david byrne arklar, david byrne ark szleri
1.a long time ago474
2.a million miles away470
3.a self made man410
4.a soft seduction379
5.a walk in the dark443
8.back in the box403
9.big blue plymouth eyes wide open393
10.big business627
11.buck naked398
12.burnt by the sun556
13.carnival eyes mapeye358
15.daddy go down472
16.dance on vaseline534
17.dirty old town mapeye446
18.dont fence me in cole porter497
19.dont want to be part of your world samba443
20.eggs in a briar patch620
21.finite = alright374
22.fuzzy freaky412
23.girls on my mind418
24.good and evil rumba/llesa433
25.hanging upside down409
26.his wife refused369
27.i know sometimes a man is wrong504
28.in the future [knee play ]372
29.independence day cumba460
30.ive tried [things to do] [knee play ]394
31.lie to me merengue367
32.lilies of the valley334
33.loco de amor salsa/reggae1234
34.make believe mambo orisa392
35.marching through the wilderness charanga345
36.miss america375
37.monkey man424
38.my big hands fall through the cracks370
39.my love is you628
40.nothing at all379
41.now im your mom463
42.office cowboy pagode404
45.ready for this world386
46.sad song446
47.shes mad693
48.social studies [knee play ]327
50.something aint right641
51.strange ritual374
52.the call of the wild merengue396
53.the civil wars586
54.the cowboy mambo hey lookit me now348
55.the dream police cha cha cha339
56.the gates of paradise362
57.the gift of sound where the sun never goes down [knee play ]318
58.the rose tattoo bomba/mozambique335
59.the sound of business [knee play ]316
60.they are in love371
61.tiny town415
62.tree today is an important occasion [knee play ]359
63.twistin in the wind491
64.under heavy manners fripp/byrne628
66.what a day that was359
67.wicked little doll356
68.women vs men bolero368
69.you and eye346
70.you dont know me488
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