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marias umbrella ark sz

marias umbrella likes lazing in the sun
so i took her to the seaside to see what could be done
and while we were swimmming a-swimming in the sea
the men with knotted handkerchiefs
they laughed at me

marias umbrellas telling all the boys and girls
she says she wants to travel far
she says she wants to see the world
she says she wants to be a stowaway
and sail away to sea
marias umbrella said
"thats the life for me"

la la la la la la la la

she sailed across the sea she said
she sailed across the sea
to meet the man who rode the tiger
in the land of jammy dee
she said she didnt mean to frighten him
by stepping on his toe
th etiger bit maria and maria went home

la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la

i hope you like this story and i hope you understand why
dont open your umbrellas inside
dont open your umbrellas inside.


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