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dashboard confessional, dashboard confessional arklar, dashboard confessional ark szleri
1.a plain morning377
2.again i go unnoticed336
3.age six racer490
4.am i missing485
5.anyone, anyone451
6.as lovers go375
7.bend and not break365
8.carry this picture for luck364
9.carve your heart out yourself376
11.ender will save us all429
12.for justin373
13.for you to notice425
14.hands down430
15.hey girl528
16.if you cant leave it be, might as well make it bleed652
18.living in your letters404
19.morning calls436
20.rapid hope loss371
21.remember to breathe516
22.saints and sailors395
23.screaming infidelities443
24.several ways to die trying406
25.shirts and gloves382
26.so beautiful393
27.so impossible386
28.so long, sweet summer390
29.standard lines471
30.the best deceptions370
31.the brilliant dance414
32.the ghost of a good thing430
33.the good fight376
34.the places you have come to fear the most384
35.the sharp hint of new tears571
36.the swiss army romance446
37.this bitter pill465
38.this ruined puzzle384
39.turpentine chaser413
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