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daryl hall, daryl hall arklar, daryl hall ark szleri
1.all by myself398
2.babs and babs426
4.cab driver447
5.cant stop dreaming573
6.dont leave me alone with her595
8.foolish pride390
9.fools rush in631
10.for you410
11.help me find a way to our heart416
12.hold on to me533
13.holding out for love416
14.i wasnt born yesterday596
15.im in a philly mood653
17.let it out361
18.let me be the one384
19.love revelation398
21.money changes everything397
22.never let me go1014
23.next step506
25.only a vision361
26.power of seduction421
27.right as rain402
28.sacred songs436
29.send me415
30.shes gone551
31.someone like you417
32.something about you405
33.something in - time447
34.stop loving me, stop loving you422
36.the farther away i am597
37.this time451
38.urban landscape605
39.whats gonna happen to us568
40.whats in your world555
41.why was it so easy376
43.without tears364
44.written in stone389
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