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bithday ark sz

heres a tragic story of a boy with a laid-to-waist
i was told to me by a mutual friend
and its true un;ess he lied to my face
californian legen, your face is a face of a start
your futures so bright and your startsigns so right
youre s gemini born in a car

its you birthday
its the worst day

your parents threw a party, invited you and your friends
but someone there was ready to blow off your head
what a way for a party to end
what a way for a party to end

its your birthday
its the worse day

everyone was there at your funeral
i stayed home to watch the v

there was a film with you in that id only seen once
and i wanetd to remember you that way

its your birhtday

and the heat of the candles
put the colour in your cheeks
and they turned down the screws
andf they turned away the freaks
said a word or two about so many dying so yound

then they turned up the heat set the temperature to burn
then they turned up the heat set the temperature to burn


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