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air supply, air supply arklar, air supply ark szleri
1.aint it a shame466
2.all out of love445
4.american hearts494
5.believe in the supernatural434
6.bread and blood401
7.bring out the magic391
8.cant stop the rain600
10.come what may406
11.dame amor481
12.dancing with the mountain502
14.do it again422
15.do what you do467
16.does it matter400
17.dont be afraid576
18.dont tell me510
19.dont turn me away614
20.empty pages455
21.end of the line435
22.even the nights are better455
23.every woman in the world501
24.evidence of love435
26.feel for your love400
27.feel the breeze410
28.give me love457
30.having you near me488
31.heart & soul382
32.heart of the rose448
33.here i am473
34.hope springs eternal438
35.i can wait forever466
36.i cant get excited525
37.i dont believe you534
38.i dont want to lose you471
39.i just like the feeling462
40.i know you better than you think466
41.i remember love428
42.i want to give it all466
43.its automatic642
44.its never too late660
45.its not easy624
46.its not too late651
47.id die for you600
48.ill be thinking of you674
49.ill never get enough of you625
50.ive got your love648
51.just another woman474
52.just as i am463
53.just between the lines434
54.keeping the love alive363
55.kiss me like you mean it467
56.lets stay together tonight575
57.lonely is the night417
58.looking out for something outside439
59.lost in love423
60.love and other bruises410
61.love comes to me452
62.love conquers time464
63.love is all406
64.making love out of nothing at all415
65.more than natural458
66.mother said465
67.my best friend417
68.my hearts with you434
69.news from nowhere438
70.now and forever422
71.o come all ye faithful412
72.old habits die hard450
73.one more chance414
74.one step closer390
75.primitive man454
76.put love in your life403
77.ready for you436
78.secret agent418
79.she never heard me call415
80.shes got the answer651
81.silent night532
82.sleigh ride398
83.so much love522
85.speaking of love448
86.spirit of love444
87.stars in your eyes417
88.stop the tears416
89.strangers in love436
90.stronger than the night459
92.sweet dreams542
93.taking the chance418
94.teach me to run428
95.thats how the whole thing started515
96.the answer lies400
97.the christmas song chestnuts roasting on an open fire411
98.the earth is428
99.the end of the line395
100.the eyes of a child422
101.the first noel443
102.the little drummer boy406
103.the one that you love430
104.the vanishing race429
105.the way i feel587
106.the weight is my soul437
107.theres nothing i can do579
108.this heart belongs to me431
109.time for love421
111.too sentimental457
112.two less lonely people487
113.two less lonely people in the world423
114.unchained melody425
115.we are all alone461
116.what a life458
117.what a life parts &360
118.what kind of girl402
119.white christmas527
120.who will love me now450
121.winter wonderland424
122.without you503
123.young love508
124.youre only in love549
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