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risingson ark sz

i seen you go down to a cold mirror
it was never clearer in my error
you click a shine upon your forehead or
check it by the signs in the corridor
you light my ways through the club maze
we would struggle through the dub daze

i sink myself in hair upon my lover
its how you go down to mens room sink
sad we talk how madmen think
i sink myself in hair upon my lover
i dont know her from another miss
i dont know you from another
see me run now youre gone...dream on

daddy g
why you want to take me to this party and breathe
im dying to leave
every time we grind you know we sever lines
where have all those flowers gone
long time passing
why you keep it testing, keep on tasking
i keep on asking

toy-like people make me boy-like(x2)
theyre invisible, when the trip it flips
they get physical, way below my lips
an everything you got hoi-poloi like
now youre lost and youre lethal
nows a fine time, you gotta leave all
these good people...dream on

nicer than the bird up in the tree top
cheaper than the chip inside my lap top
all the variations you could do with me
nicer than the girl up in your mind youre free

daddy g
automatic crystal remote control, we come to move your soul

you kinda fade into the background
like a better smokell bring you back round
like a man slide inside you my dear
your cheap beers filled with crocodile tears
see em run now your gone...dream on

i found a reason
toy-like people make me boy-like (x2)
dream on


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