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mezzanine ark sz

im a little curious of you in crowded scenes
and how serene your friends and fiends
we flew and strolled as 2 eliminated gently
why dont you close your eyes and reinvent me

daddy g
you knew you had a heart made of stone
you should have let me know
you could have let me know

well go till morning comes
and traffic grows
and windows hum

daddy g
speding all week with your friends
give me evenings and weekends
evenings and weekends

i could for yours
we can unwind
all these other flaws (x2)

youd agree its a typical high
you fly as you watch your name go by
and once the name goes by
not thicker than water nor thicker than mud
and the 8k thuds it does
sunset so quickly
lets make it quiet and quickly
dont frown
tastes better on the way back down

i care for yours
we can unwind
all these other flaws (x3)
will lead to mine

all these other flaws (x2)
will lead to mine
all these other flaws (x2)
will see to
will lead to mine
we can unwind all our flaws (x2)


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