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daddy g
trendy windy you know what i mean
hangin around with girl whos rolling up her jeans
she watches her street crack cause shes no dummy
through rockin the microphone and shes calling me honey
says i know what i want dont move with thugs
well house parties hip hop and smoking drugs
and whoevers been the boss shes down with em
shes always on time cause the girl got rhythm
to avoid a complication ill give some information
about a certain occasion under a???
cause when i host my show-a i avoid the girl called lola
whos more pu-pu-public than the drink they call it coca cola
??? just practice posing face is shaded in black
is dominating as my color the massive attack
right now i hit it kick it flow smooth hit little wicked

i take a small step now its a giant stride
people say im loud why should i hide
only had a small taste so what a waste
i quietly observe though its not my space
bottom ends heavy you know were never even
people call me tricky for particular reason
ive got you see and ive got to let you know
see were rockin in your area rock beneath your balcony
my baby just cares for me well thats funny
her touch tickles especially on my tummy

daddy g
now whos got the microphone

now whos honey

daddy g
??? turbo turbo and charge with a charge
i be daddy g wild bunch crew at large
dont call me an officer just call me a sarge
mashing up the country and also abroad
plan to go to america when i get a visa card

but gettin a visa card nowadays isnt hard

daddy g
so keep your ears glued listen to every???
tokyo citys one place that we toured
four??? plus two makes a???
sharper than a wilkerson razor sword

when i was a child i played subbuteo on
my table then i graduate to studio one
and around my neck you know i wear the sony budokan
indigo blues you got me in my own shoes
the people dancing in the shape for what they make
they cant lose
yes waxing lyrical but this time its not satirical
its kinda spherical so jam me in a???
this is the miracle of the dubplate dub selection

daddy g
so whether youre black white or half-caste in your complection

yes pull out your phono plug and tuck you in your phony
its started by marconi resumed by sony
a summary of??? a history and only
the massive attack???

horace andy
get away with your guns now
we dont want it
get away with your guns now
we dont like it
eternal love eternal love
money money money
root of all evil
money money money
root of all evil


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