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daydreaming ark sz

shara nelson
i quietly observe standing in my space
i quietly observe standing in my space

way that we say em in style that we raid em in
massive attack we keep it strong just like a vitamin
going for the positive wiping out the negative songs
cause brother its relative
the??? is pickup all the lyrics on the dancefloor
to raise your spirit level cause it demands more

attitude is cool degrees below zero
up against the wall behaving like deniro
trickys performing taking his photo
make him stand with a tan touch it like cocoa
smooth keep it moving at the back now
free as the needle thats movnig through the track now

hands keep the drummers beats we need new sticks
dance around the vibes like acoustics
no drugs or pharmaceuticals for the body aint suitable
stick with liquid me and trick we drop
the paper that you??? lick with

tricky trouble and strife aint no sunshine in my life
wiseguys get protection when they carry a knife
they shouldnt have been born theyre making me yawn
but i just take it easy its a sunday morning

so you come???
together well grow forever watch my ak rig go

daddy g
because my ak rig goes boom boom
my ak rig goes boom

yeah rhymin the jam and uh we got the stamina
case you never know its like we dont give a damn and uh
and its??? to keep your distance
resist and the posse gets the pressure of this dance
the cool breeze that you welcome in the heat
you dont see it but you feel it when its blowing on the street

if i was a rich man

daddy g
da da dada

i quietly observe standing in my space
its the devious days they call the rat race
its a concrete jungle, evil in the town
weebles, wobble, occasional squabble
but were happy when the bomb drops

dont make sound
cause the dancefloors a desert
and the dancers are parched
do a rain dance and you brace through a marsh
my heavy my brother get lighter than helium
float above the world to break the tedium
living in my headphones soul is what i say to em
the surreal boom of the budokan stadium

shara nelson
well im floating on air when im daydreaming
i quietly observe standing in my space

well im tricky kid dont deal with sadness
cant be with the one i love i love the one that i miss
im very down to earth but brain sits on top floor
dont need another lover just need, im insecure

the weather is a-changin the storms be shakin
the love that you make is equal to the love youre makin
here comes the sun little darlin here comes the sun
its alright

yes tricky kid i check my situation
naggy this maggy that maggy means inflation
hip-hop you dont stop cause im not sloppy
i like the beat so we need another copy

were natives of the massive territory and im proud
getting peaceful in the desert that the glory and the crowd
the problem aint a different kind of skin tricks
i love my neighbor and i??? the olympics
see you a hooligan you try to play the fool again

caught you in the lost and found

when your posse werent around

no crowd

so youre going for you tool again

shara nelson
i quietly observe standing in my space
well im floating on air when im daydreaming


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