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you aint as smart ark sz

what, what
what, what, what
what, what, what
(all out)
what, what, what, what, what
(take it back to the streets, mutha fucka)
what, what, what, what, what
yo, this for my niggas in the streets
(what what what what)
foreign cars and the jeeps
(what what what what)
make about a fuckin million in a week
(what what what what)
when i cant forget that we all still street

yo, yo
you know a nigga thats sniffin, thats always in the kitchen
bagin shit up, theres always something missin
a nigga thats speeding, bound to have a collision
bound to be in prison, or bound to pop a mission
so if you got dogs, nigga, let em go
if a mob fuckin truck right, let em know
we got the same guns that you got, but better though
and next time we in some shit nigga, you will know
see im pushed to the point that i put something down
and i stand over your head, like look at you now
and the kids in the parks start lookin around
like, "mommy come here, look, look, look what we found"
wit me its more intense, nigga
so if you aint goin hard, stay on the bench, nigga
and you know when i come, i leave no prints nigga
and when you die, it wont be at my expense nigga
nigga, nigga

1 - yo, you aint as smart as you think
and i know you aint as smart as you think
(take it back to the streets)
you talk crazy on the phone, bring niggas to your home
hey yo, you aint as smart as you think
(take it back to the streets)

hey yo, you aint as smart as you think
and i know you aint as smart as you think
(take it back to the streets)
you leave a thug wit a hoe and you think you on the low
hey yo, you aint as smart as you think

yo, yo
not only do i know the rights, i know the wrongs
mo money, mo bitches, yeah, you know the song
and if you claim you a nigga that know me long
and you should know imma die with my rolley on
i aint no punk, i aint no chump, i aint no whimp
aint got no cane, aint got no ming, aint got no limp
money exempt, instead you niggas are blimp
and every bitch in every state know mase is the pimp
see im unlike the ones who fail you, when i know where you
live, imma send my kid to take care of you
ill bring it to my man if he try to spare you
id tie something up if i wanted to scare you
make it where your own shadow wont stand near you
and they send the trauma unit to come repair you
now there you are nigga, in the fuckin reservoir
with your bentley, we dont give a fuck about your car
who you are

repeat 1

yo, yo
you cant never love a man so much you cant doubt him
let him know certain shit you gotta do without him
and if ya got guns, dont leave home without it
you gon kill a man, theres ways to go about it
see i never kill a man, and i do it vainly
i wont ever let a mutha fucka know im angry
cuz when i get caught and they come arraign me
it be a surprise witness that come to hang me
i figure, if imma do it, imma do it my way
set em on sunday, have em by friday
then sunday, imma meet em on the highway
see where his exit is and keep it movin
monday im off the exit
all i wanna find out is where the complex is
and by tuesday im sittin in the complexes
all i wanna find out is where the address is
and by wednesday, it just so happen you get shot in the knee
a nigga tried to run away and dropped the key
now you in the hospital, not critical
frontin, makin a scene, bring the whole block wit you
friday hit and you aint got no clique wit you
need somebody help you with your leg, got your bitch wit chu
soon as you get home and put the key in the door
click, clack, now get on the floor, i told you nigga

repeat 1 until fade


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