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we both frontin ark sz

yo, im still lookin at the game yknow (heh heh)
and i see that its alot a niggas thats just frontin
basically, ya nahmean?

[blinky blink]
yo, im doin 150 wildin (uh huh)
headin out to city island
i see this shorty with the pretty smile and (uh huh)
pushing a prelude hey you, diamond stud up in your navel
actin like it cost nine gs (cmon)
a real fine queen, eyes was light green (yeah)
and had a tattoo written in chinese
only 25, spent her money wise
work out everyday, i could tell by her tummy size

damn, you got some funny eyes

yea, i blink a lot, drink a lot (mmm)
you could catch me at the rink a lot (uh huh)
but enough about me ma, you look amazing
are you haitian?

im half that and half asian, my name is raven
live in new haven (yeah)
till i find the right man, my virginity im savin (uh huh)

the things i was sayin, honey might be blazin
i took her to the days inn, of course
she gave in (cmon)

1 - no disrespect, you look nice and shit (i know)
and i aint really tryin to price your shit
(yeah, yeah so stop)
im sayin i like that platinum on your wrist
but why isnt no ice in this?
same reason why, baby girl, that aint your hair
(no the fuck, you did not)
you the same one rockin your home girls gear
(oh no boo, this was mine)
in fact, why you tryin to hate on me?
cuz we both frontin, basically, ya heard?

uhh, uhh
i be that slick thug, see me in the strip club (yea)
with dominican chicks, about to get my dick rubbed (uh huh)
shit bug, how i lay up and sip bud
you could front if you want, lay in puddles of thick blood (cmon)
cuz i get love yeah, where ever i go
and id die for my niggas, but never no hoe
so you know that the life i lead is twice your speed
a brown skin mami, thats the wife i need (uh huh)
light that weed, front, nigga might just bleed
i might just squeeze, matter of fact i might just leave
cuz i dont need a hoe that drink moet by the liter
if you dont like me, i aint feelin your ass neither (ha ha)
i need a true diva, pushin a two-seater (yea)
thats alright, let my wife, my crew meet her
in other words, i need a chick off the meter
the type that wild out when i eat her (cmon)

repeat 1

[huddy combs]
hey, yo, huddy? in the door (heyyyy)
waiter, give me four (heyyyy)
bitches they adore (heyyyy)
from here to wichita (heyyyy)
im a jiggy cat, baggy jeans with fitted hats (uh huh)
where my niggas at? at the bar, where titties at
you know i spend dough, get in clubs with indo
and bet my shit blow like a block on crenshaw
im poppin cris, hoe (uh huh)
while you sippin on cisco, im at the disco
reminiscin on frisco, and this go
to honeys who be knowin your name, knowin your fame (yea)
know you rock a rolley and chain
but it dont stop, so get-it, get-it
the huddy hit-it, hit-it (uh huh)
she saw my ice, she was really wit it
she wanna settle down, be committed (yea)
she saw the drop with the tvs in it
shit, i gotta pay this hoe a visit

oh no, boo boo
you wont be payin (what)
anything over here except the rent (cmon)

repeat 1
repeat 1

yeah, you know you wanna be over here
fake ass, yeah


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