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watch your back interlude ark sz

this mase, what up?
yo mase ima make this short and to the point
im a fan of yours, you know, my kids like you, they dance to you
you know we like whats goin on wit you
all im sayin is dont give my girl your number no more
dont give my girl your number no more man
who your girl b?
listen man listen
you wild easy to get son, you know what im saying
ive been to jail twice man and im not scared
and i love and i want go back
you understand what im saying?
so, dont give my girl your number no more man
come on b wit all that yo
when the smoke clears man, puff daddy
and all them niggaz you runnin with man
they aint gonna be there man and niether will you man
so ima close it off like that bee you know what im sayin
whatever b
ima leave it like that son
aight man


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