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pointing fingers ark sz

[huddy combs]
yo, only got twelve bars so let me cut to the chase
fuckin wit stase, i caught a buck in the face
i got the set me up, everybodys drinkin henney
kid named timmy actin friendly
grabbed her by offending, sure
hurt cuz his game didnt work
he didnt know the alchohols about to get him merc
he tried to french kiss her
yo, thats my man twin sister
swung on him, but he threw the toaste in my ear
i shoulda known he had people posted in here
so i waited till the coast was clear
and when he walked off, i put four in his rear, yeah, yeah

yo, hud is the type, give him an inch? he takin a yard
cuz see, he the type of cat that be thinkin he hard
i told him if he gonna come, he got ta come by eight
but hud dont never listen what i say
he always do it his way, instead of our way
thats why he always caught up in some damn foul play
talkin bout i said at nine, he killin time
and he aint checked the time on his wrist
he probably somewhere lying to a chick
talkin bout he rich, no, it aint right
how he gon leave my big brother mase and jell overnight
he wouldnt sell us out or yell us out
but messin wit hud, we aint even get to bail him out

i cant believe this nigga hud tried to blame it on me
we on the i-95, three jars on my seat
im hopin cops dont be prejudiced, if not we dont eat
you know what that mean, shut up hud, keep drivin the jeep
we got about ten miles, we don did ten states
i shoulda stayed, knowing hud? he gon gas you to stay
im tellin hud, yo, pull over we aint pissed since penn state
the windows all foggy, plus we got temp plates
now hud steady streetin, not listenin and yappin
smokin buddah straight from cuba, bout to wish this aint happen
i aint tryin to point no fingers but its all huds fault
if he wasnt speedin wit no weed we woulda never got caught

[huddy combs]
cardie, when you gon grow up? you need to get chips
stack dough up, switch your flow up, cuz your single was a donut
baby stase, need to learn to stay in the place
and mase, thats your twin, tell her stay out my face
and loon, thats my man but he floss too much
he wanna hang out, bout, but he cost too much
and meeno, thats my dog, but he talk too much
and blink, fake pretty boy, soft as butt
oh damn, if i get touched, we gon all get touched
go against harlem world and we gon toss you up

hey yo, meeno, hey yo, this is cuda man
there go loon
tell him what you told him you was gon tell him when you see him

yeah, yeah, playboy, my man loon
went out like a straight buffoon
for a pretty face, a slim waist, sweet perfume
cant believe this shit
second week in june, second night in cancun
pop cris by the full moon and the stars is bright
pray to god that i catch me a slide tonight
but of course, loon gets drunk then starts to floss
runnin his yap bout the same chick he toss
same chick from tour, all i got was jaw
hes all in love, seen it all before
sucka for love, this is man for a whore
and until this day, still goin to war

hey yo, you just mad cuz my chick drop dead
and you mad cuz i went to cancun got head
you fed, cuz im doin it and gettin more bread
why your block hotter than a nuclear warhead
you more fed cuz my pockets are stacked up
while you spend most of your day baggin your cracks up
you fat fuck
hope you get hit by a mack truck
and dont come around fourty and front and get tapped up
cracked up, cant wait till this album is wrapped up
imma take you to a vacant lot, dare you to act up
so strap up, cuz i know you dont like me
but just know you wont get a chance to fight me
loon, all out


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