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phone conversation ark sz

-phone ringing-
dre get the phone!

mase: chill dre i got it. hello?
oreon: hello?
mase: yeah, who this?
oreon: its oreon, hi mase!
mase: oh, whassup you miss me?
oreon: yeah i miss you, im tryin to see you tonight.
mase: what time?
oreon: whatever time is good for you.
mase: whassup wit 7:00?
oreon: 7:00 is good.
mase: hold on, hold on, hold on. hello?
gina: hello?
mase: who this?
gina: this gina.
mase: gina whassup you miss me?
gina: yeah.
mase: so tonight, you tryin to see me?
gina: no doubt. wuz up wit you?
mase: i dont know. wuz up?
gina: what you mean you dont know.
mase: its gonna hafta be later cause
i was sposta be goin somewhere wit wit my brothas.
gina: how late is late?
mase: like 11:00?
gina: oh, thats good.
mase: hold on cuz i got my mother on the other line alright. hello?
oreon:yes baby.
mase: wuz up. so i think ima be able to do it at 7:00.
oreon:7:00 is good?
mase: yeah where you want me to pick you up?
oreon:ill be in front of the building.
mase: alright hold on my man on the other line. alright?
mase: yo, oreon?
gina: who the fuck is oreon? what happened to your mother?
mase: you know i was just playin lis- oops.
gina: who the fuck is lisa? motherfucker you must of lost your mind!
mase: you know i was sayin that shit to get you mad.
gina: oh, you wanna be callin names motherfucker
the real nigga i wanted was puffy but he didnt come to the club
that night fool, i know that make you real mad!
-gina hangs up the phone hard-


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