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one big fiesta ark sz

all out, we dont stop, we dont dont stop
all out, we dont stop, we dont dont stop
all out, make it hot, dont stop, cmon
cmon, harlem world make it hot, dont stop cmon
all out, all out

yo, yo, im the perfect example of a chick thats classy
flashy, sassy, papparazzi dont harrass me
move too swift for yall chicks to pass me
anything yall wanna know, come ask me
how come when im in the street or a open place
everybody scopin stase like i got a open case
anything you gotta say to me
you can say to me, its baby stase
the more i make, the more they hate
see, i might as well admit it, everybody wanna hit it
cuz i got a clean record not to mean you see me naked, check it
i dont know whats wrong with these cats
its bout to be a setback in this game called rap, see
i was once told, harlem world dont fold
we bout to drop a flow the world can hold
seem like while im seeing platinum, everybody sayin gold
the world really see what happens when my click unfold

1 - were going to party, fiesta (all out)
and stay fly, foreva
cmon, cmon harlem world
cant go wrong

were going to party, fiesta (all out)
and stay fly, foreva
cmon, cmon harlem world
cant go wrong

[blinky blink]
yo, harlem world is who im runnin wit (yeah, honeys wit it)
see the size of my money clip? (now, im on the funny tip)
i know you hate me, hate mase, cuz you make papes
and got girls in like 48 states (48 states)
but kickin the women who wear the straight face
while yall cats wild out and bout to get a rape case
but why player hate? cuz i sex girls and they say im great
you bust one tank, cant even stay awake
not now, we gon talk on a later day
what you think? you can hold blink? uh uh
i got a gold link with more ice than cold drinks
so, playa get to that, and keep your chick in tact
she says your sex was whack, cuz id twist her back
and everytime i kick my rap, man i stick to facts (all out)
but when my trees wasnt sellin
i switch to jack
cmon, cmon, cmon

repeat 1

[huddy combs]
yo, yo, yo, i need a wifee, chipped up lightly
you stay in the thong, imma stay where the ice be
indian givin, got caribbean women
willin to have everything like me and my children (all out)
so, dear, front of the billin
hundreds in the ceiling, tank tops in the drop
cuz im one of them villain
cook for me, come open a book for me
shook the key, your whole look hooked me
with her legs tied up, eggs sunny side up
no cash in the stash get that money right up (cmon, cmon)
see, all girls love me, cant get nothing from me
i stay in the mall, spendin rich chicks money
tricked on her friend so her friend wanna fuck me
that one named huddy, w dot huddy, w dot huddy
w dot huddy, w dot huddy, w dot huddy

repeat 1 while:
all out
cant forget queen bee records
l o x
money power & respect
ruff ryder
yeah, dmx
cant forget so so def
bad boy
suave house
yeah, kid, harlem on the rise
and you dont want no problem with us guys
neptune, keep the beat bangin
uh, you dont stop
queen bee
junior mafia
what what what what what
all out, all out, all out, all out


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