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no matter what ark sz

[puff] yeah, here we go
[mase] uh uh
lets party again, lets party again
lets party again, lets party again
[puff] cant be stopped (uh huh)
wont be stopped
[mase] lets dance again, lets dance again
lets dance again
[puff] dont know how to stop
[mase] lets dance again
[puff] refuse to stop, all out, bad boy, come on

yo, everyday i wake up, sick of the homeless
but other than that im a bentley consumer
i get pain, yo i cry like you
i get sick, i could die like you
i used to hate my broke days with a passion
now when i get big money i stash some
see a watch i like, i just grab one
party and bullshit, book trips have fun (come on)
get paid, get money, get dough (thats right)
get laid, get honeys, get low (get low)
platinum status what i live for
sold four million now i want six more
never satisfied just like my mom
with 10 mill sitting in the treasury bond
when i roll dice just respect my arm
you cant put me on the level
cause im level beyond

1 - it dont matter what you do to me
i can handle what you send my way
no matter what i do today
youll still have something to say

it dont matter what you do to me
i can handle what you send my way
no matter what i do today
youll still have something to say

i be m.i.a and m.i.a.m.i
so am i the kid who be so appealing
live a lifestyle so revealing
love them m&ms, the multi millions
so yall could spit it out, me i live it out
yall cats lay away a month then get it out
im the first cat in the club all izzy-ed out
rock iceburg when you thought it was mickey mouse
so sit me, im pourin cris to the curb
all i got to do is just give a chick a word
her whole team, you will see a chick with a bird
messing with mase youll get what you deserve (thats right)
a buck 50, nah, take a buck 60
extra 10 good for thinking they can mess with me (uh)

repeat 1

yo, you the type in the movies cuddled up
with a groupie hang by, buttered up
i aint getting with you, yo love her in her gut
thats the reason why you cant even bubble up (come on)
you get your team and huddle up
and come back with enough cream to double up
until then imma still be here cooking
anything im pushing, 20 gs a cushion (uh)
why prove this kid is the smoothest
when theres people that pay me to do this
pretty color cars is what we cravin
six star teles is what we stayed in (thats right)
any man with me must be made men
we just buy cars, we dont trade in (nuh uh)
i dont need ten statements see what im saving
no need for a manager i need an agent (lets go)

repeat 1
repeat 1
repeat 1

(come on, come on, come on)

mase murda cant be stopped
p. diddy cant be stopped
blinky blink cant be stopped
big loon cant be stopped
sista stase cant be stopped
b.i.g cant be stopped
lil kim cant be stopped
lil cease cant be stopped
junior m.a.f.i.a. cant be stopped
big shyne cant be stopped
l.o.x. cant be stopped
bad boy cant be stopped
all out cant be stopped
we just cant be stopped, man
2,000 baby


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