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and welcome back from that commercial break
um i found out some please ladies and gentlemen
hold your applause please can you hold your applause
i found out something very interesting
the mad producer, hes not really that mad
uh he well mr. producer can you please tell us
why youre not really that mad?
eh eh eh yo would i be tellin you shit though?
you cant be you know what im sayin
eh eh eh yo word up tv you know what im sayin whats up for real
gentlemen please
yo i gotta tell you something for real
what up? what up?
the niggaz got chedda dog and i did a track on mases album
and i aint gonna lie
naw naw you cant be talkin like that for real
the niggaz dont you know what im say they be raisin..
naw son naw
im sorry dog for real yo but
man dog!
that kid mase be doin his thing yo
what you mean he be doin his thing
i know they be doin their..what
what i dont be doin my thing
millie vanilli did they thing
new kids on the block, rupaul
all them bitches and everybody else did they thing
and you aint do no tracks on them
what happened to my track? you give em my shit?
you gave em my shit?
you gave em send em to the fuckin projects
you give how could you do that im the jolliest nigga you know son
how could you do that to me son? damn!!


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