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lookin at me ark sz

[puff daddy]
hey yo mase, you know what i dont like?
(why you over there lookin at me)
i dont like when, you know, im in a club
(why you over there lookin at me)
and im with my honey
(why you over there lookin at me)
you got, you know, the haters
they wanna be tough guys all of the sudden

1 - why you over there lookin at me
while my girl standin here
why you over there lookin at me
while my girl standin here

repeat 1 while:

hit you with the ice grill, you know
hehe, cause you boys aint with you
little do they know, your girl roll harder than
some of yo niggas

now what the hell is you lookin for?
cant a young man get money anymore?
let my pants sag down to the floor
really do it matter as long as i score?
cant my car look better than yours?
can i have a bad bitch without no flaws
come to see me without no drawers
in a stretch lex with about ten doors?
how is murder?
p. diddy name me pretty
did it for the money, now can you get with me?
people wanna know who is he, he get busy
spray so much izzy, girls get dizzy
niggas on the block know mase motto
one thing about harlem world, we all got dough
98 tahoe, tommy and a roscoe
case im every chased by a donny brascoe

repeat 1

yo, i cant get mad cuz you look at me
cuz on the real, look at me
yo, it always be the haters that be sittin in the rear
dissin every gear, but they better listen here
you cats keepin it real, you cats is on yo own
cuz bein broke and alone is something i cant condone
plus it wont be long till they send me the dome
sit gently, while im on the bentley phone
why you dont like me?
cuz im mad fly and icy?
and why you cant satisfy yo wifey
and if it wasnt for this bad boy exposure
cd, tvs, really would i know ya
now me and blink float in the gold rover
so its only right you get the cold shoulder
and if you got a girl, dont be real committed
cuz mase will hit it, you got to deal with it

repeat 1

repeat 1

make it hot baby, make it hot (come on)
make it hot baby, make it hot (come on)
make it hot baby, make it hot (come on)
make it hot baby, make it hot (come on)
we dont stop
we was all at the greek fest, its hot and sandy
i rent scooters, im with my family
tank top, flip flop, really nothing fancy
but get approached by a girl named tammy
who looked good enough to be miss miami
but say, since some her peeps call her candy
than she starts to ask about aaliyah and brandy
tellin me how she met puff down at the grammys
he aint tell you i was the one with no panties?
boo, you know how many he meet with no panties?
please, tell me something that i dont know
like if we have sex, you dont want dough
and if its not a problem you can meet me at 10
ill be in room 112 and bring four friends
and if you gon hit me, it gotta be a quickie
and please no hickies, cuz wifeys with me

repeat 1 until fade


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