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if you wanna party ark sz

what the fuck?
99, get your name back nigga
(get your name back nigga)
double up motherfucker (99)
double up motherfucker
dont believe it, double up, uh
yea yea yea yea what what what what uh uh

yo who got the right to flip, twice the whips
time to get paid, get twice the chips
see law aint no good unless two dice hit
hate me even if i didnt ice my shit
fuck niggas, make that money and lots of it
sold four million and somebody got to love it
they want mase for video, aint in the budget
i cant take a piss without a bitch tryin to rub it
how could you know like this
when its because of me a nigga know what nice is
i was 60 i have flow-itis
i like my weed green and my hoes dyke-ish
you know you like this
young kidll live by goldie advices
pimp hoes that come across so righteous
fuck though, promote on the rolley ices
yo, thats why my jewelery looks snow white-ish
come on

1 - if you wanna party come and shake your body
if you wanna party put em in the air
over there, over there

if you wanna party come and shake your body
if you wanna party put em in the air
over there, over there

yo im tryin to live my life the largest, vipers in garages
nuff money to go court and fight the charges
everybody stare at myse the hardest
thats why im in them all night menages
besides b.i.g., the criticly acclaimed
i vow, they never bring the city to shame
i pulled up the prettiest things, the prettiest range
the prettiest cars, and the prettiest stars
by far the prettiest misses
i pull up in the prettiest sixes
so by the time you get the six bitch, i have the seven
by the time you get the seven, i switch to the eight
when it time i get this cake, a bitch could wait
they know i could sell five so they ship me eight
come on

repeat 1 while:
all out, motherfucker
to the death, motherfucker
bad boy forever
bad boy forever
all out, motherfucker (uh uh)
h world, motherfucker (uh uh)
to the death, motherfucker (uh yo)

yo why imma envy the lives or envy the guys
who be frontin in the six thats really a five
you could see i still got it by the look in my eyes
imma blue collar criminal, crook in disguise
it dont matter if it rain, i got a pool inside
and a stretch range so at least 20 could ride
and i could tell fake platinum from a mile away
when i rap, yo 150 thou get paid
so until then nigga, i style away
four point six swit to the cal away
im gettin honey, i aint with the beefin going on
i look at niggas cars, alot a leasin goin on
my heat get raised up, streets gets blazed up
until a nigga find my dough and pays up
i lays up fuck, till my days up
doggy style, so bitch dont fuck my ways up
come on

repeat 1


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