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bitches is drop dead gorgeous yo
wassup with ma$e b?
why he be showin no love this way b?
come through the block dont say shit or nothin
dont forget, he used to live on our block nigga
he went with puffy & he dont know how to act b
wait till i get on b, its gonna be real
wait till i see that nigga on the street.
nigga, gonna take me nowhere
you talkin like he promisin you shit
he did nigga
he told me he was gonna take me to the roleys
gonna have & all that me & this nigga grew up
what the fuck you talkin about?
he promise me, he owe me nigga
fuck you talkin about
im sayin you gotta understand shit
niggas be busy, they move around, ya know
sayin, like i said, we was on the road
you actin, like he told you he was comn to get you
take you on the road with him
nah, it aint even like that b
im just sayin, i wanna shine to, thats what im sayin dog
thats all im sayin
i dont wanna be on the corner, b, i wanna shine
im sayin though man, niggas gotta make moves
fuck, everybody dont make moves at the same time
it takes time b, everybody gotta get they chance to shine
ya know what im sayin, everybody get they chance to shine


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