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feel so good ark sz

you ready mase?

party people
in the place to be (uh huh)
its about that time
for us to (yeah, uh huh)

yo, what you know about goin out
head west, red lex, tvs all up in the headrest
try and live it up
ride true, a bigger truck
peeps all glittered up
stick up can, they go what?
jig wit it cuz ship crisp, split it all
hos ride, get your nut till i cant get it up
im a big man, give this man room
id a hit everything, from cancun to grants tomb
why you standin on the wall?
hand on your balls
lighting up drugs always fightin in the club
im the reason they made the dress code
they figure i wouldnt wild when im in my french clothes
dress as i suppose, from my neck to my toes
neck full of gold, baguettes in my rolls
wreck shows, collect those, extra os
buy the e, get a key, to the lex to hold
east, west, every state, come on, bury the hate
millions, the only thing we in a hurry to make
are the friend that acts friend in a lex or a benz
lets begin, bring this bs to an end
come on

1 - bad, bad, bad, bad boy
you make me feel so good
you know you make me feel so good
you know you make me feel so good

bad, bad, bad, bad boy
i wouldnt change you if i could
i wouldnt change you if i could
i wouldnt change you if i could

ah ah
you cant understand we be waikiki
sippin dp to the tv, look greedy
little kids see me, way out in dc
with a z3, chrome vbs, they wanna be me
niggas talkin shit they ought to quit
im fortunate they dont see a fourth what i get
and those be the same ones walkin while i whip
just stylishing cars cuz they all true nig
so while you daydream my mercedes gleam
and i deal with hos that pose in maybeline
one time you had it all i aint mad at yall
now give me the catalog, ill show you how daddy bought
six cars and power to fire big stars
sit up, ceo style, smokin on cigars, nigga
its like yall be talkin funny
i dont understand language of people with short money
come on

repeat 1

ah ah
do mase got the ladies?
do puff drive mercedes?
take hits from the 80s?
but do it sound so crazy?

well me personally, its nothin personal
i do what work for me, you do what work for you
and i dress with what i was blessed with
never been arrested for nothin domestic
and i chill the way you met me
with a jet ski attached to a se
smoke my nestle, no mad rap-ass cat
where my check be?
problem with yall i say it directly
went from hard to sweet, starved to eat
from no hoes at shows to menage in suites
now i be the cat that be hard to meet
gettin head from girls
that used to hardly speak
come on

repeat 1 until fade

harlem world
bad boy
goodfellaz baby
and we wont stop
cuz we cant stop
mason betha
owwwww, come on


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