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do it again ark sz

yeah, yeah yeah
uh huh
im gonna do it again
and again and again and again
and again and again and again
wont stop, it cant stop
wont stop, cant stop

double up, bad boy
double up, h-world, its not a game

you know, no matter where you go
theres no duo that you know
get loot though, and still love the chulos
we talk more spinnin girls our coolo
than any other members and youre part of my new dough

get where mad cats live and pray
i dont like where im at? call a lear, get away

yall lay away, i pay and get today (uh huh)
things you save for, i probably give away (yeah)

and with puff? who woulda think
plain jesus piece, diamond cuban link
salvation army when im through with the mink
i buy the whole bar, my crew dont even drink
(dont even drink)

we do sets behind the neck
thats my denale right behind the lex
like girls that find their sex get all kinda respect
when im 40, imma get all kinda checks

1 - [puff]
you want us do it again? (yeah)
cuz we can do it again (uh huh)
you want us do it again?
all you gotta say is do it again (do it again)

you want us do it again? (yeah)
cuz we can do it again (uh huh)
you want us do it again?
all you gotta say is do it again (do it again)

spend big, you spend a little
so i take whats big and you take whats little
i bring a full stage straight up the middle
girl too tight? break the middle
now, why be the illest if your money aint the realist?
mad cats hate on me, mad girls feel it
cut a chick off, let mase mess wit her
pre-nup these girls so im never stuck wit her
wanna coup our group nine eight car
doin 20 in a bentley even wit out a radar
you minor, im major, i dont play par
im a shining pay star with diamonds from quasar
peep all your script, i dont wanna pay yall
let me tear wit my kids, its what your days are
how the f you duck infrared laser
so my sympathy goes out to the lady that made yall, yeah

repeat 1

yo, marchin around the world and met no man
that had ice like frosty the snowman
and though my name mase, what does it mean?
dolla sign, no matter what i do, make c.r.e.a.m.
out of famine steak greens, miller a-teams
and grew up pretty cuz my pop got great genes
i hold it down now that b.i.g. gone
i hit butt naked and then keep my kicks on
i dont get my cris on, i throw a brick on some young bad chick
that lolly probably flipped on
you better get goin, you wanna live long
cant nobody protect me like my tres cinco siete
if you front, youll just read about it next day
im that cat you know you got killer respect
stay out my way if youre feelin my threat
youll know its real when you face feel a gillette
and i come through the club with your deal on my neck, come on

all out
all out, bad boy
all out, all out
lets go

repeat 1 until fade


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