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cheat on you ark sz

sample: dont stop till you get enough

yo, yo
yo, if you gonna hit niggas girl
just expect niggas to hit your girl
and thats it
112 help me say

1 - if she got with you when
she already had a man
why wouldnt she cheat on you
(why wouldnt she cheat on you)
if she got with you when
she already had a man
why wouldnt she cheat on you
(why wouldnt she cheat on you)

mase, come on
if im in the streets or im in my jeep
and i wit my peep, ex know not to speak
see its all good, and its all sweet
all women flirt, all women cheat
so i might spend a week down in virginia beach
out or in the sheets blaze plenty freaks
be the bad boy everybody wanna meet
practice what i preach, never caught when i cheat
if i aint work late, i say i was wit my peeps
and quick to tell a hoe, yo i aint get the beep
and all these girls is quite the same
so it aint your pencil, its how you write your name

repeat 1

[lil cease]
aint nobody hotter than the jam, don dada
been around the world with girls at ramada
never been the one that chick, lotta scotta, protta
and yo when cease got a girl he gotta
though i love a ghetto girl that keep her doobie fly
39 in my benz them niggas and super size
girl talk slick but i see through the lies
you dont got tv, whatcha mean who am i
if you knew what i knew, you wouldnt be givin her pearls
if you know that she cheap why you live with the girl
half you cats couldnt live in my world
cuz you couldnt picture another nigga hittin your girl (what?)

repeat 1

is it because my game is stronger, name last longer
on the brain like a whole eighth but can
chicks stop, mesmerize rub up on they tetas
like push up bras, who you dealin with ma, hes jigga
you know the rawest, ice is flawless baby
nice is lawless, recite for ballas
and i fools yall fake players every time
cuz you only hit chicks that you think is mine
you know how i paid his due, but im unfatable
mommy screamin pappi can i skate wit you
they wanna ride wit me, stay fly wit me
wanna help me get rid of my rivalries
wanna be the ebony to my ivory
but im straight though, thanks ma, i only chase dough
we can lay for tonight but in the mornin
i get shirley murdock, i hope your door slam lock, im gone

repeat 1

yo, you cant think you gonna be cheatin and the girl aint gonna cheat
just like you cheat, they could cheat
and i just think, you a fool if you think girls dont cheat


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