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cali chronic ark sz

turn it up

[huddy combs]
yo, when i roll you know the cats be out
so you cowards got no choice but to rat me out
i call in from the pen to try to see what that be bout
cuz i catch a fool slip and yo, his ass is out

[blinky blink]
hud, stay on the low, pop two cops
thug, against all odds, like tupac
im caked up, dog-tired from jacob
platinum, reach for it then wake up

for top dollar yo, i squeeze my trigger
and lord knows, ill lead this nigga
cuz im down for whatever
matter of fact, im down for the cheddar
try to clown and get yo ass layed down forever

niggas hate to see a g come up
young niggas that run up get gun up
thats the real, seen the nigga pass the steel
even wink and yo ass get killed, all out

1 - this is for the know-knotters
six-fo riders, all them ones are lowriders
all weed smokers, olde e sippers
all dead homies, and o.g. niggas
throw it up

this is for the know-knotters
six-fo riders, all them ones are lowriders
whether blued out or flamed out
mask on, ridin with them big things out
yay a yayyy

light up the izzy-izzy ba-ba, ask yourself, why try?
touch the untouchable brotha thats in front of you
harlem usa be the place that i come from
twenty-ninth and lenox be that place i get the guns from
vacant lots be the route that we used to run from
thirty-second precinct until jackie caught the dum-dum
its hot now, cops now, all out gotta eat
close food shop down, send them across the street
my force overheat cuz the cause is cheap
reminiscin all my homies that i lost on the streets
dos bruce, lb and even stevie d
pour some liquor out and throw it up for a g
nrb, be the click they claim to be
so if worse come to worse, do the same for me

repeat 1

now, we drink colt 45, tote 45s
smoke til we high, loc til we die
got locked up in crenshaw
somebody said, foo, what you in for?!
jail mental, named wendel
did 15, and got about 10 more
oh, he was silent than braille
in 83 was the first with hydraulics
caught his first bid dealin with narcotics
and had daytons and always kept em polished
you taught me about khakis and converse
and if a foo try to move then you ball first, feel me?
but now im stackin my grip
back in the trick, come out a day early is a slap on the wrist
but one time never sleep on it
i went from harlem to la fool, so speak on it

repeat 1 until fade


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