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blood is thicker ark sz

what what
for my family, nigga
this for my family, nigga
h-world in here (yeah)
all out in here (yeah)
bad boy in here (yeah)
some niggas dont never learn
dont never learn, uh

you know we used to see eye to eye, now its just hi and goodbye
you gon go against the fam, damn, why you wanna die?
i know where you reside right there on the east side
street wise, i dont just roll alone we ride
loon all smoked up, meeno wanna rob you
j might feel you, hud wanna kill you
mase wanna let it slide, stase wanna get you high
and walk you in that wrong building
now you at the wrong place, and its at the wrong time
you got a long face cuz now you see this long nine
but whatchu lookin scared for, nigga?
you only in some things you aint prepared for
it aint that you not my man, but mase my man more
and family is the only thing i stand for
blinky blink, yo, i know alotta niggas tell you this, dog
but i would die for you nigga

1 - [mase & harve]
blood is thicker than all this shit
dont be worrying bout the cars, the clothes
the money or these hoes
blood is thicker than all this here
cuz anything you love in life
you cant take it when you go

blood is thicker than all this shit
dont be worrying bout the cars, the clothes
the money or these hoes
you know blood is thicker than all this here
you heard me, blood is thicker than all this
blood is thicker than all this, blood is thicker than all this

ill be whatever you call this
im cash money like them hot boys in new orleans
that thin vest you got on, slugsll go through all this
and burn, so when you see me salute and fall in
im real and only the real would understand me
got love for my niggas thats why the chickens cant stand me
wasnt for your mami i woulda got the grammy
but thats what niggas get goin against they family
know a boy dealin with stase, get dealt with manly
whatchu think the cops could do, come and can me
bell was plan a, niggas go wit plan b and end no where
cuda love or cardan, bein what about dre
thats my nigga, going against stase i clap my nigga
when money involved it get solved with automatics
you dont mess wit me, you mess wit hud and there you have it

repeat 1

and truthfully a nigga cant do nuthin to me
on the real you know my nigga b.i.g. used to school me
said never do a show for less than a qt
if a nigga get to you, he gon get through me
and if a mugger move wrong i put one in his coffee
if a nigga shoot at you, you know he gotta shoot at me
more then less, my mother used to warn me for the best
said mase, niggas gon love you, nigga, long as you fresh
long as you hot, long as you cop
long as you not that nigga who be doin never come through the block
but think about it now mase, who wouldnt love you alot
you take niggas around the world with girls suckin they cock
but just because a nigga ride witchu, fly witchu, high witchu
that dont mean when bullets come he gon die witchu
it be them niggas you be knowing that long
you be killed, run up the block with your new rolley on
dont be quick to flip a nigga brick and spend whats on
cuz if they recognize you stole them pots, bring the war
now you could skate now or stick around
but dont be afraid to call the name when this all go down
you feelin me now?
cuz if im showing you something that you never seen
then you gon shake when you see this dusty m-16 come off the shelf
i know we kill for what but what they brought
nigga we came to kill you, got the gun put in sto
and what about the block niggas, cant get nuthin in his coat
cuz them the same niggas we took em on, they wanted to smoke
so leave them niggas there

repeat 1

im a harlem world nigga (fuck harlem world)
im a bk nigga (fuck bk)
im a bx nigga (fuck bx)
im a qb nigga (fuck qb)

im a long island nigga (fuck long island)
im a jersey nigga (fuck jersey)
im a down south nigga (fuck down south)
im a up north nigga (fuck up north)
im a west coast nigga (fuck the west coast, yo)
im a east coast nigga (fuck east coast)
im a midwest nigga (fuck the midwest)
im a a-t-l nigga (fuck a-t-l)

where all my bad boy niggas (fuck bad boy)
where all my ruff ryder niggas (fuck ruff ryder)
where all my suave house nigga (fuck suave house)
where all my cash money nigga (fuck cash money)

where all my harlem world niggas at (fuck harlem world)
where all my tennesee niggas at (fuck tennessee)
where all my chi-town niggas at (fuck chi-town)
where all my st. louis niggas at (fuck st. louis)
where all my bmore niggas at (fuck bmore)
where all my philly philly niggas at (fuck philly, yo)
where all my va niggas at (fuck va)
where all my north cackie niggas at (fuck north cack)
where all my south cackie niggas at (fuck south cack)
where all my la niggas at (fuck la, yo)
where all my texas niggas at (fuck texas, yo)
where all my detroit niggas at (fuck detriot)
where all my miami niggas at (fuck miami)
where all my little rock niggas at (fuck little rock, yo)

yo, i aint gon be screamin all these niggas names
man, im outta here


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