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ancoats zambia ark sz

go as a luxury pass on to the middle class
while the poor play in parks filled with broken glass
and as we point our fingers we turn our backs
we cant accept each other and thats a matter of fact
indoctrinated you since you were a boy
ever since the day youve seen the rich kids
told within a year youd be a part of them
broke away from the grape and this all started it
so you wont stay or take a drug at all
cause you know youre so susceptible
they turn against you, now youre full of hate
you cant accept it, now youre in an irate state

this is wrecks-n-effects and i shake up their flex
they got techs break their necks
and their building their reps
who the boos
who to choose how they wearin the shoes
in army i enlist and takin a piss
certain things i have seen
so im lookin to grieve
powers usually runnin
theyre buyin the buildings
and then they sell
at least a bell and theyre breakin em down
my life to the rocks
livin in a shoebox
social security
they like the poor in me
bring out the whore in me
then knock the door on me
cheap tricks dont like chicks
and im rubbin their hips
who the boos
who to choose how they wearin the shoes

it was a long time ago and started to grow
forest fire earned and sent me afrocentric negroes
so i juxtapose
this goes out to those
who turned up their nose a long time ago
now i flex upon a rhythm cushion tempo
i flex upon a rhythm cushion tempo
so open your mind
if you feel you could go
clean out your ears well
while i clear my throat
the vital ingredient, the antidote
willy wee flex like some other one

its a feelin that i get sometimes
when im lyin in my bed sometimes
black cloud in my head sometimes
intoxicating my mind, my mind
its not that i wanna die
baby just that i wanna fly
but this feelin that i get sometimes
i could sever all ties, all ties

hate the color of my skin sometimes
hates to see what i see sometimes
so how can i ever win my time
i was sold on the other side

cause a wasted life is no such thing
theres no such thing as a wasted life
cause life is death and death is life
and these here thoughts are not a crime
one day is forever, forever is a day
its so fucking easy to throw it all away


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