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dan fogelberg, dan fogelberg arklar, dan fogelberg ark szleri
1.a cry in the forest424
2.a love like this367
3.a voice for peace343
4.all there is362
5.along the road433
6.anastasias eyes499
7.anyway i love you414
8.as the raven flies450
10.aurora nova606
11.be on your way361
12.beggars game438
13.believe in me406
14.below the surface432
15.better change384
16.blind to the truth400
17.bones in the sky375
18.captured angel379
19.changing horses417
20.comes and goes365
22.dancing shoes664
23.down the road479
24.empty cages340
25.ever on a traveling prayer364
27.face the fire465
28.faces of america323
29.false faces594
32.give me some time398
33.go down easy440
34.gone too far400
35.gypsy wind334
36.hard to say391
37.heart hotels325
38.hearts in decline312
39.hickory grove525
40.high country snows372
41.higher ground386
42.holy road340
44.in the passage369
46.it doesnt matter534
47.leader of the band343
48.lessons learned333
49.let her go490
50.lonely in love307
51.long way home live in the country332
53.looking for a lady363
54.loose ends331
55.lost in the sun359
56.love gone by349
57.lovers in a dangerous time358
58.magic every moment308
59.make love stay374
60.man in the mirror368
61.missing you356
62.more than ever499
63.morning sky354
64.mountain pass373
65.nether lands360
66.next time391
68.old tennessee364
69.once upon a time401
70.only the heart may know402
71.our last farewell365
72.over and over335
73.part of the plan328
75.promises made373
76.rhythm of the rain355
77.river of souls325
78.road beneath my wheels346
79.run for the roses360
80.same old lang syne323
81.scarecrows dream522
82.seeing you again328
83.serengeti moon503
84.shallow rivers383
85.she dont look back489
86.since youve asked490
88.someones been telling you stories415
89.song from half mountain379
90.song of the sea636
93.stolen moments358
94.sutters mill493
95.sweet magnolia and the travelling salesman331
96.tell me to my face355
97.the higher you climb411
98.the innocent age395
99.the language of love349
100.the last nail339
101.the last to know349
102.the lions share524
103.the long way381
104.the loving cup341
105.the minstrel353
106.the outlaw312
107.the power of gold428
108.the reach388
109.the river364
110.the sand and the foam376
111.the spirit trail444
112.the way it must be405
113.the wild places451
114.theres a place in the world for a gambler653
115.these days345
116.think of what youve done519
117.times like these303
118.to the morning314
119.tucson, arizona gazette283
120.tullamore dew686
121.twins theme447
122.wandering shepherd398
123.what youre doing448
124.windows and walls397
125.wishing on the moon362
126.wolf creek607
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