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little big woman ark sz

she was as straight as an arrow
i was the crookedest bow
she had the weight of a sparrow
and i was the heaviest crow
walking together in shadows
drifting apart in the light
clutching at straws in the daytime
facing despair late at night
she is my little big woman
ive got to let her know
she saw that i was arriving
when everyone saw me go
she was my little big woman
and she will always be
fragile and strong at the same time
my little big woman is free
did i rely on my conscience
or give into undertows
was it the boy or man leaving
shes the only one that knows
she is my little big woman...
she was as pure as a flower
i was a poisonous weed
she had the grace of a calm swan
and i was a wolf dressed in greed
she is my little big woman...


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