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light of day ark sz

flat on my back
with you beside me
i cannot belive the things that i see
when im in your arms
the world stops spinning around
rub on the lamp
cause ive been locked in
all sweaty and damp
when you start wishing
youve got all the three
thats us, its you and me
you say come on
weve been around here for too long
our time is now
were gonna make it there somehow
and i say ok
ill risk the night to see the light of day
then i become
a doubting thomas
im not realy sure
the stakes become us
but you are the calm
my doubts are all crushed in your palm
you say come on...
feeling the blood running through me
feeling my life running freely
you say come on...
when you go out
im still in bed
but you left me a note
the mirrors red
youre not reely gone
your writing tells me im the one
you say come on...


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