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i can wait ark sz

my name shined so bright
reflecting in my lights
someone put a sign up
on this rainy night
naturally i stopped
all three doors were locked
when right out of nowhere
came this creepy man
with gun in hand
he screamed "stay in your van"
well, i can wait
im an open-minded guy
i can wait
im in no hurry to die
i rolled my window down
said "we can get along"
he growled "hi,im satan
take me back to town
i came to steal your soul
but im too freezing cold
cause ive been working too hard
so just drive me home
and ill leave you alone"
well, i can wait...
when we got round the bend
he said "i wont tell when
but we will meet again
some sunny day"
now it seems so unreal
satan turned on his heel
and made me a deal
well, i can wait...


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