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half hearted ark sz

thought that you were listening
thought your butt might be worth kissing
but the smile got stuck
it felt like a disease
took another wrong turn
so i watched another bridge burn down
i am spending most of my time
down on my knees
sesame, open up
i want in, i want your stuff
its cold out here
my soul has caught the flu
i have made my lifes decision
id probably kill for my ambition
if i thought itd help
i might just kill you too
and you say im half
half hearted
you say im half
half hearted
youve got me second guessing
what i thought had been a blessing
i got so close
but you put me back on hold
and if nothing sells like sincerity
then listen up cause i might be
speaking from the bottom of my soul
and you say im half...
you have been my scapegoat
it is you thats kept me afloat
i have put all blame on you instead on me
my wounds are self inflicted
ive been feeling so vindictive
that the truth has been impossible to see
god ive been half
half hearted...


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