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close to home ark sz

i swear on my life
i really do care
dont know where we going
but i cant wait to get there
ive been the lost boy
in search of his mom
the sky still is cloudy
but you made the sea look calm
and now i can feel the ground under my feet
now i can taste both the bitter and sweet
now that i feel the ground
im close to home
but you look so small
when you try to smile
uncertainty grabs you
and holds on for quite awhile
you beg me to stay
like i could let go
i cant hold you long enough
i try to let you know
cause now i can feel the ground...
youre a new horizon
you have made me realize
i can touch the ceiling
i see hope instead of lies
although its not easy
i will never shut my eyes
i wont shut my eyes
cause now i can feel the ground...


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