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aimee mann, aimee mann arklar, aimee mann ark szleri
1.all over now462
3.angels never call444
4.are you serious462
5.baby blue418
7.believed you were lucky403
8.build that wall422
9.calling it quits378
10.choice in the matter391
11.coming up close358
12.couldve been anyone572
13.crash and burn401
14.david denies408
16.do it again375
17.dont watch me bleed615
18.driving sideways387
19.driving with one hand on the wheel409
20.everythings different now461
21.fifty years after the fair422
23.ghost world456
24.have mercy458
25.how am i different615
26.how can you give up471
27.i could get used to this455
28.i could hurt you now492
29.i know theres a word for this452
30.i shouldve known500
31.it takes all kinds404
32.its not642
33.its not going to stop766
34.its not safe508
35.ive had it450
36.jacob marleys chain632
37.jimmy hoffa jokes480
38.just like anyone548
39.just like me433
40.limits to love363
41.long gonebuddy480
42.long shot640
43.looking over my shoulder473
44.love in a vacuum433
45.lovers day463
46.maybe monday560
48.mr harris410
49.no more crying436
50.no one is watching you now420
51.nothing is good enough423
52.on sunday477
54.par for the course423
55.put me on top385
56.put on some speed399
58.red vines587
59.rip in heaven401
61.save me620
62.say anything460
63.sign of love426
65.sleeping and waking392
66.stupid thing418
70.take it back439
71.th of july406
72.thats just what you are470
73.the fall of the worlds own optimist458
74.the other endof the telescope398
75.truth on my side439
76.voices carry426
77.way back when355
78.what about love492
79.why must i390
80.will she just fall down390
81.winning the war438
82.wise up508
83.you could make a killing414
84.you do541
85.you know the rest495
86.youre with stupid now500
87.j for jules694
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