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rollercoaster ark sz

todays the day, were out to play
and lost our way, its always the same - oh baby now
climbed the trees, swam the seven seas
weve grazed our knees and no-ones to blame

come and sit beside us
well give you such a thrill
were not nice were cool as ice
well give you quite a chill
let your imagination take over on this ride
out of sight - all right
(hold on tight)

come on
come on
get it on
riding in our rollercoaster
come on
come along
get it on
riding in our rollercoaster of love

so dont be shy
youll soon be high
well touch the sky
youll never believe oh baby now
go round and round
but dont look down
we wont be found
youd better believe it

written by b-witched, hedges, brannigan, ackerman
produced by ray "madman" hedges in his mothership
arranged by ray "madman" hedges and martin brannigan
additional production and remix by cutfather and joe for xl talent
mix engineer mads nilsson at medley studio
published by sugar free music/bucks music ltd.
- 19 music ltd/bmg music pub ltd. - polygram music pub ltd.
- chrysalis music ltd.
1998 sony music entertainment (uk) ltd.


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