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like the rose ark sz

every little word
with every lesson learned
i think i know why hearts are made of stone
every little pain
fans a bitter flame
nothing stops me loving you

cant you see that we belong
oh how i want it to be
so tell me do you feel the way i feel

baby like the rose
oh darling you put colour in my life
baby take my heart forever
cause i dont wanna be afraid
no no

turn another page
the story will never fade
sleep with thoughts of you until daylight
and when youre far away
forever love will stay
keep this loving feeling deep inside

cant you see that we belong
oh how i want it to be
so tell me do you i feel the way i feel

cos youre the colour in my life

written by b-witched, hedges, brannigan
produced by ray "madman" hedges in his mothership
arranged by ray "madman" hedges and martin brannigan
published by suger free music/bucks music ltd
- 19 music ltd/bmg music pub. ltd
- polygram music pub. ltd
1998 sony music entertainment (uk) ltd.


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