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cyndi lauper, cyndi lauper arklar, cyndi lauper ark szleri
2.a night to remember386
3.a part hate361
4.across the universe404
5.all through the night446
6.anna blue505
7.another brick in the wall part ii738
8.baby workout394
9.ballad of cleo and joe408
10.box of rain333
11.boy blue395
12.boys will be boys368
13.brimstone and fire385
14.broken glass374
15.calm inside the storm402
16.cant blame me1441
18.change of heart351
19.christmas conga377
21.cold sky411
22.come on home376
23.cut out682
24.cyrus in the moonlight378
25.dancing with a stranger402
26.dear john430
27.december child402
28.disco inferno398
29.dont know390
30.early christmas morning411
31.everybodys got an angel691
33.fall into your dreams369
35.feels like christmas364
37.gin-iro no yume528
38.girls just want to have fun400
39.give peace a chance411
40.god help mei love rock-n-roll396
41.hang on sloopy408
42.hat full of stars399
43.heading for the moon396
44.heading west354
45.hey now girls just want to have fun417
46.hes a rebel527
47.hes so unusual669
48.higher plane388
49.hole in my heart all the way to china338
50.home on christmas day359
51.hot gets a little cold365
52.hound dog465
53.i dont want to be your friend460
54.i drove all night423
55.i had a love421
56.iko iko760
57.immigrant song386
58.in the bleak midwinter425
60.ill kiss you497
61.im gonna be strong657
62.just the other day406
63.keep on knocking445
64.kindred spirit462
65.lactose intolerant588
66.lady marmelade396
69.like a cat353
70.like i used to329
71.lipstick on your collar413
72.little drummer boy430
74.love to hate353
75.magazine cover457
76.maybe hell know497
77.minnie and santa386
78.money changes everything421
80.my first night without you324
81.new years baby first lullaby534
82.one track mind451
83.pee wees playhouse theme490
84.pity the fool459
86.product of misery350
87.put on your green shoes446
88.right track wrong train439
90.rockin around the christmas tree487
91.roll over beethoven386
92.sallys pigeons495
93.santa claus is coming to town314
94.say a prayer427
96.she bop458
98.silent night415
99.sisters of avalon407
100.someone like me344
102.take a chance390
103.thats what i think500
104.the faraway nearby377
105.the goonies r good enough465
106.the tide is turning427
107.the world is stone467
108.three ships392
109.time after time387
110.true colors388
111.twilight eyes528
112.unabbreviated love379
113.unhook the stars422
114.walk away renee418
115.waters edge542
116.what a thrill344
117.whats going on500
118.when you were mine373
119.white mans melody523
120.who let in the rain390
122.working class hero365
123.yeah yeah901
124.you dont know479
125.you have to learn to live alone349
126.you make loving fun401
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