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bonafide ark sz

everybodys in the major leagues
aint nobody wanna be straight up
i see the hotties on the way to work
they be waiting outside the club
see samantha got a glass of wine
and in the corner she be laggin behind
to ladies room to powder her lines
she be feeling like dyn-o-mite
jizzable jazz, how could it be passed
so come move that ass
i know what you wanna do
shes looking for a phat wad
lord of a god you look good
premonitions saved for later
cause for now were understood
a me oh my god ya look so fine
i cant touch you cause youre so bonafide
a me oh my bod ya look so fine
i cant touch you cause youre so bonafide
a virginia slim, can i get in
ill take you for a ride in the back of my jeep
i got hills in the back that are plenty steep
and you can do it cause youre so bonafide
yes all the eys that be staring at me
is it because i got my rover outside
see i just dont understand
is it that you think you can play me fly
no i dont think so girl
ive been through it many times before


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