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words and music by roddy frame
silver shone the rooftops, i heard the words you will,
and realized that in your eyes, the force of love could kill.
so go and get your wages, get what you deserve,
when hope held out of its hands today, you laughed and turned and fled.

release, cos i wanted the world, and all i could get to
was a gun or a girl.
release, now ive thrown them away
im here and im hungry and i hope i can stay.

the loch is overflowing, the sun has shed its light
and all thats left to warm your breasts the wine we stole tonight.
bottle merchants both of us, overdosed on keats, we smashed them all
and watched them fall like magic in the streets.


standing in our new boots, weve lost the urge to hide,
we left it with the souvenirs that forced us to decide.
how wed storm the palace, meet me at the gates,
theres plenty bread and water here for anyone who waits.


but you cant remember where you squandered your hope
a fistful of dollars and a fistful of dope,
with your hands in your hair and your hair in your face,
youd better summon your soul because were leaving this place,
with a red, red flag for a souvenir.


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