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phenomenal world ark sz

words and music by roddy frame

born on a junk heap in the sea
cursed with the notion to be free
white and bright and twenty one
but in my heart im on the run
i kissed the lips of eau de vie
i tasted sugar and debris
but in the early morning light
i saw the day destroy the night

life is a long walk home

was it the moonlight
that left you gasping
grasping, something, beyond a boy or a girl
just let it all blow
untie your heartstrings
no, dont cling to this phenomenal world

i lost my senses in the spring
of someones life that i left behind
and though i search through everything
a sense of loss is all i find
her face is every work of art
she haunts the city high and low
but i cant live inside her heart
and so i had to let it go

and make my heart my home



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