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orchid girl ark sz

words and music by roddy frame
what do you mean by beauty lain
i hope you know the consequences
cos beauty wounds will make us strong
with truth well test our old defenses
and all my friends will make amends
theyre green and grey and gold and groovy
and reconciled theyll shake and smile
smile at me as though they knew me

and judge this world through jaundiced eyes
theyre sold too soon and none too wise
their big blue god is in the sky
orchid girl dont spend your money

they asked me what the meek would get
pictured me afraid to answer
i told them that when thoughts entombed
then love will show its root in cancer
the sweet disorder in your eye
has drawn me here through graves and gardens
im going in youre going in here are your smokes
your jokes youre getting soaked im angry and my
fists are pocketed

well judge this world through jaundiced eyes
were sold too soon and none too wise
the big blue god is in the sky
he takes the blame and never cries
but orchid girl youd make my day
youd blow their cloud of crap away
if you would just refuse to pay

orchid girl youd make my day


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