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more than a law ark sz

words and music by roddy frame

vocals & guitars roddy frame. bass & keyboard programming jeff bova. drums
jimmy bralower. background vocals scott parker. produced by roddy frame.
engineered by josh abbey.

ive seen that recipe
lawmen and royalty
and nothing on earth can take that taste
and make it something sweet
i saw the news today
a broken everything with years to pay
and nobody else can save us now
and thats alright by me
cos i say

we make love in the face of it all
feel the freedom and the purity
and what we need is not security
something more than a law
we walk at night in a blind wind
through the streets where the rich ones lived
and what we wants beyond the will to win
something more than a law

i feel the rain on me
im soaked in memory
and never will i betray that love
cos thats not love by me
i know prosperity
but he could never be a part of me
the snow and the stone
feeling never at home
well shes my poetry
cos i say


and when were lonely
its more than lonely
so we turn around to say something bigger than us
but then who do you blame when your love is gone?


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